Lack of Enjoyment During Intercourse 

The reason behind lack of enjoyment during intercourse can be various and also severe. The experiences of sex depends both on the body and as well as on the mind. What is going on sexually and non-sexually between the partners is impacted not only by what goes on in the mind, but also by everything that has gone on in the woman's life. In some cases, childhood experiences can also have large impact.

The way how a woman feels when she is being stimulated by her partner is relied upon not only on her partner’s ability to be guided by her needs, skills, gentleness and care, but also on what is going on in her mind while she is being stimulated.

In spite of the complexity of these problems, by acquiring knowledge about how women can receive sexual pleasure, many women and their partners can be helped.

A slow approach to sexual play works best

There are several ways to please a women sexually, that incorporates sexual talking, stroking, holding, cuddling, kissing, caressing and the physical contact of her partner’s body. Concentrating at an early stage on genital stimulation is more often than not neither wonderful nor arousing, and may even make negative sentiments, both physically and emotionally. Thus, the potential for joy from breast touch is normally high in any case, once more, the duration of the touch, type, and timing that a women will appreciate can be variable to a great degree, from women to women as well as starting with one occasion to the next.

The path to greater pleasure

Women who feel less enjoyment during intercourse need to consider the diverse reasons that may be the root of the issue: Whether they feel adequate trust and emotional closeness with their partner, or whether issues from their past are interfering with their sexual activities. If so, sexologist in Bhopal, or therapist would be the one that can help you achieve intense pleasure out of intercourse. Assuming, nonetheless, if a women feels like she is not being able to comprehend the response of her body, both she and her partner should consult sexologist or therapist together.