Lack of Orgasm 

Not only girls, even adult women experiences difficulty in having orgasm or less often than guys or men do have. A large number of women, around one out of every three, faces trouble in achieving orgasm while having sex with their partner. There are some women who achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation instead of vaginal penetration. Such women may need to try stimulation of clitoris prior to, during or after vaginal intercourse or oral sex. Clitoris of a woman can be stimulated orally, manually, or with the help of some kind of sex toys such as a vibrator. Some women who successfully achieve orgasm with her partner have also experienced an orgasm through masturbation. In case of a woman, who have never reached an orgasm, should try to masturbate in order to figure out how she like to be touched.

Remember that the way how the body of a woman responds to several kinds of sex varies from woman to women, and every women has different preferences for how she likes to be stimulated. Therefore, communicating with your partner is really important to help her achieve orgasm. No one can read anyone’s mind, hence, it is vital for everyone to be clear about their likes and dislikes, and what we do and don’t want to do.

“A woman may figure out as she gets more older that she has a less demanding time having orgasm in light of the fact that she has more knowledge of what she prefers sexually, and on the grounds that she's happier with speaking with her partner about what she enjoys and doesn't enjoys”, says sexologist in Bhopal.

Even guys don't always achieve orgasm — it's normal for them to experience difficulty achieving orgasm, or getting or keeping up an erection. Sexual joy for both women and men has a great deal to do with feeling and emotions. It's hard to appreciate sex and achieve orgasm in case we are uneasy, hesitant, or don't feel very comfortable about what's happening or about our partner.

Advice to Men Who Want Consistently Orgasmic Lovers

Gentleman, in the event that you need your partner to have orgasm without any difficulty every time, slow down the pace of having sex. Let her know how you feel about her. Enjoy bunches of deep kissing and mutual entire body, that is, non-genital massage. If your partner is still not being able to reach an orgasm, know that it is time for you to see a sexologist in Bhopal.