Treatment for Loss of Libido

There are large number of individuals who suffers from low libido, however, most of them choose to stay quiet, since, they believe that virility plays a big role in their concept of manhood. They strongly believe that real man should always stay in the mood. As a matter of fact, that’s not true. Owing to countless number of reasons, there are several men who go through low desire for sex. The good news is that there are several options for the treatment of low libido.

What Causes Loss of Libido?

The reason behind loss of libido can be various, either physical or psychological, or even both. Physical issues, such as, prescription medicines, low testosterone, alcohol and drug use, too little or too much exercise, and so forth, can result in loss of libido. Problems in your relationship, stress, depression and so forth, are some of the many psychological issues that can result in loss of libido.

According to a study, 4 out of every 10 men aged more than 45 years have lower level of testosterone. In spite of the fact that testosterone replacement therapy is somewhat controversial, it is the most common solution to loss of libido.

Since the cause of low libido can be various, you are ought to see a sexologist in Bhopal, if you believe that there is something wrong with your desire for sex. Once the sexologist figures out the reason behind loss of libido, he/she would be able to provide you with the best treatment for low libido or refer you to another doctor who can.

How Is It Treated?

The treatment of low libido depends on the underlying cause, however, some of the common treatments for low libido are as follows:

  • If any medications that you are taking is affecting your libido, you may be provided with an alternative
  • Change in lifestyle
  • Improvement in your diet
  • Cut down on alcohol
  • Relieving stress
  • Testosterone replacement therapy
  • Counseling

If the reason behind loss of libido is psychological, your sexologist in Bhopal may advise you to opt for a therapy. There are several instances, where a weak connection between partners has resulted in loss of libido. Talking a therapist may help in such situations.