Vaginismus Treatment in Bhopal 

At the time of entering something into the vagina of a woman, such as, a penis, or a tampon, the muscles of their vagina squeeze or spasm and gets tight. This is, more often than not, referred to as vaginismus. It can make a women uncomfortable mildly or it can cause severe pain. There are several exercises that a women can perform in order to get rid of vaginismus. More often than not, such exercises shows results within a week.

Symptoms of Vaginismus

Experiencing pain while having sex with their partners is the first sign of vaginismus. They experience pain only during penetration and it fades away after withdrawal, however, not every time. A large number of women has depicted pain as a sensation of tearing or a feeling like their partners are hitting a wall. Numerous women have also reported pain while inserting a tampon or amid internal pelvic exam conducted by doctors.

Causes of Vaginismus

As a matter of fact, the exact reason behind vaginismus is still unknown. More often than not, it is generally associated with the fear and anxiety of having sex. Be that as it may, it is still not sure which arrived first, the anxiety or the vaginismus. Few woman suffers from vaginismus in all situations and with any object. There are some women who suffers from vaginismus in some particular situations. For instance, they may experience vaginismus with one partner and not with the other, they may experience vaginismus only during intercourse, but not while inserting tampons or any other objects. There are some medical conditions, such as, vaginal dryness, yeast infections, bacterial infections and so forth, that can result in pain during intercourse. You should a see a sexologist in Bhopal in order to figure the underlying reason behind vaginismus. Your sexologist may perform some medical exams and question you regarding your medical and sexual health history. These histories can provide them with some clues that can help them discover the underlying reason behind your vaginismus. Such cases can also be linked to past sexual abuse or trauma.